The Campsite

It is situated on 40,000 of flat, grass-covered land, wooded with oaks, poplars, willows and walnuts, with wide sites of about 65 sq. mt. and with a separate area, used as car-parking. In the campsite there are a restaurant/pizzeria, bar and mini-market.
There are also bungalows and caravans for hire, private parking and a camper-service.
Peace and tranquillity are the main characteristics and it is particularly suitable for families with children.

The area reserved for camping is divided into 160 little areas where you can camp with tents or campers.
The little areas are minimum 65 squared meters, with a good shading and all provided with an electric plug.
There are several equipments, useful for the stay: an area for washing the dishes, toilets with hot water showers, a laundry working with tokens (laundrettes), an area for ironing, sinks and camper service.
For the ones camping, there is also a big area for parking cars.

The bungalows are divided as follows: a living room with a table, chairs, and eventually a sofa bedroom; a little 'cooking corner' with electric stoves, fridge and freezer; private toilets with hot and cold water and shower; a little garden with a private gazebo.
Equipment consisting of bunk beds, mattress, blankets, refrigerator, table, chairs, gazebo, camp-stove with 2 hobs, pots, dishes, glasses, cutlery and coffee-cups. Customers must furnish themselves with sheets, towels, table-cloth, napkins, cooking utensils, such as ladle, corkscrew, tin-opener, etc...
The two-roomed bingalows are made as the one-roomes, but with an additional bedroom and separated from the living room.
You are not allowed to keep dogs in the bungalows.

The restaurant inside the camping will give you the possibility making the stay and unique holidays.
The menu is extremely wide: tipical regional dishes, grilled meat, sofisticated wines and hand made sweets.
By the way, the most outstending dishes are the fish ones.
The restaurant has an inner room, and two external ones, dipped into nature. The restaurant offers a multisensory experience, where colours, sounds and nature scent melt together with the taste of our superb dishes.
The restaurant is open throughout the year.
It is possible organizing private parties, birthdays parties, weddings, meetings and conventions.
For booking, plase call +39 0322 497047.

You can only get to the private beach passing by the camping where you can benefit of the beautiful view of the environment surrounding the lake and its quietness. How can you resist to the temptation of getting tanned on the pink sand beach?

Dalla spiaggia si immette nel lago un pontile per consentire l'attracco di barche e gommoni. E' possibile approdare per una semplice visita al nostro ristorante, per una sosta presso il nostro litorale o per tutta la durata della vostra permanenza.