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If  You Love The Water Skiing or Wakeboard..




The lake is the site where the site is the perfect place for water skiing and wakeboarding, the ideal place to start, advance and refine these two particular sports, even just to try ... to finally enjoy the unique, rewarding only emotions they generate.

Both disciplines can be practiced at any age, from children (ages 4 and up) up to adulthood without any risk.



Water skiing, mold more classic than to wakeboarding, you practice with one or two skis. In the case of the ski 2, the sensations are similar to those of the alpine ski, with the difference that there is towing the boat to which must be used to, but also that the water in case of falls is much more "soft" ice . The mono-ski, a little more technical, elegant, and can give sensations unparalleled.




Wakeboarding was born in America in the late 80s, since then the sport has evolved to become the spectacular discipline it is today. Like snowboarding on the snow, you practice with a table at the foot and it takes advantage of the wave generated by speedboat to do jumps and spectacular. It 'a sport for all, regardless of age, and thanks to its ease in advance can give great satisfaction right from the start.



The adrenaline of the race on the water surface will captivate you ..!
A unique and exciting experience,
 suitable for all ages.






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